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A Monster Calls Main Title

Client: Apaches Entertainment

There are a lot subconscious themes at play in this title: the act of creating, drawing and painting, passageways, transformations, & escapism. This is a journey into adulthood through the lens of a boy's imagination. We wanted to take key moments from the film and foreshadow them through an abstract filter, creating a layered sequences which reveals more every time its viewed. We wanted to bring Ink to life, give art a life of its own, making this dreamlike sequence a reality.

Creative Directors: Karin Fong, Grant Lau

Producer: Nicole Zschiesche

Editor: Zach Kilroy

Animators: Thomas McMahan, Ben Hurand, Chadwick Halbritter, Glenn Amonitti, Gabriel Perez, Justin Mays

Flame Artists: Rod Basham, Eric Mason

Design Interns: Austin Hyde, Chloe Choi, Suzanne Porush

Director of Photography: Dan Kanes

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