Get to know our NY Interns! Here is what Bhakti Patel, Luke Guyer, Victoria Allen, and Zach Leeds had to say about their experience working at IFNY this fall.

Where did you (or do you) go to school?
Bhakti Patel: Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA ‘15)
Luke Guyer: I’m in my third year at the School of Visual Arts (SVA ‘17) studying Graphic Design with a focus on Motion.
Zach Leeds: I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD ‘15) with a BFA in Illustration, minoring in Graphic Design.
Victoria Allen: I studied at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD ‘15) for a BFA in Illustration.

Why did you want to intern at IF?
BP: I was always inspired by IF’s work. One of the reasons I wanted to become a motion designer is because of IF.
LG: I’ve always been a huge fan of IF’s work (especially their title sequences) since I was first interested in design and motion. I remember watching Mad Men , looking up who designed the titles and thinking, “Wow. I want to be apart of that”. Ever since then I’ve followed IF’s work and when I got the chance to intern here I jumped at the opportunity.
ZL: I love the varied work that comes out of IF. The idea of being able to work on that variety of projects was really appealing.
VA: I met IF at SCAD’s career fair. At the time, I was unfamiliar with their work. Since then, I gained a curiosity for what it would be like to work in a studio on these kinds of projects.

Best IF memory?
BP: For a title sequence, I had the opportunity to help with a live shoot. It ran the entire day, but it was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had in this industry.
LG: The Halloween party was really funny! Those who dressed up killed it (shout out to Audrey Davis, Sekani Solomon, and Ruth Estrada for their costumes). Another day we were having a huge shoot for a title sequence in the office and it was awesome seeing all the different equipment coming and going, the models showing up and just a million things happening at once. Being able to watch that process and check out the shots that came out of the shoot was great to see.
ZL: Being introduced to the Jamaican Barbecue truck was a life-changing experience.
VA: Seeing the final product of the sequence I had worked on. To see how those late nights paid off.

What sort of projects did you work on?
BP: I worked on a range of projects between commercials, teasers, trailers, and title sequences. For one of the title sequences, I had the chance to do almost all of the 3D and compositing work. That turned out to be my favorite because I felt like I really took ownership of that project.
LG: I worked on a few different projects ranging from heavy 3D, to print design to simple 2D animation. The main project I worked on was a property branding project that dealt with logo design and print design. One of my favorite projects was a heavy 3D project using x-particles. I learned a ton of new tricks during that process and the visuals for the project were really amazing!
ZL: I was able to work on property branding, animation, illustration, logo design, typographic imagery, interface and experience design, and so many other types of projects. The property branding project I worked on was by far the most developed and work-intensive, and also the most rewarding.
VA: I did some graphic design work. Storyboards, illustration, matte painting, concept design, and animation for a main title sequence for an upcoming television show.

What did you learn?
BP: So much. I learned to be more confident and step up more.
LG: Not only did I learn a wide range of new technical skills, but more importantly, I learned how things are handled in a studio from posting work to meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations. That was probably one of the most valuable things I could have learned during this time in my career.
ZL: I learned a lot about the industry in my short time here, and picked up some great practical skills along with that.
VA: I learned new software on the fly, learned to animate again, and learned exactly what my capacity for this type of work is. It was great to see exactly what goes into and the processes of design work.

What do you wish you spent more time learning or doing?
BP: I wish I spent a little more time getting to know everyone. It’s always hard when we are constantly busy, but I think it’s important to make a little time for that.
LG: I wish I could have been more involved in some motion projects or put on a title design project. During most of my time at IF, I was on a project that focused on print design. I’m extremely passionate about motion design and wish I could have spent some more time learning and doing that.
ZL: I wish I had the opportunity to work on more interactive projects, and spent some more time learning about animation from the extremely talented designers here.
VA: I wish I had more projects to work on! I tend to be a workaholic.

What advice would you give to new interns at IF?
BP: Step up. If you see an opportunity, take it. Even if it’s something really small, you never know what it’ll lead to next. It’s really important to be involved and be active.
LG: Speak up and get involved! Don’t bug the producers too much to get on a project but make sure you’re an essential part of the team. Be nice, clean your dishes and stay organized!
ZL: Don't be afraid to ask questions, and take advantage of the talent here at IF. It's a great opportunity to learn!
VA: Come in and always be prepared to dive into anything. Be an overachiever and think outside of the box constantly. And be willing and ready to learn some new stuff fast. Better yet, get familiar with as many software programs as possible.

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