When Viral Attacks - PromaxBDA 2017

Articles • June 13, 2017

One of the most entertaining topics we heard about while at PromaxBDA’s conference this year, was a talk on the allure and tactics of viral content. In an industry where content is king, it’s getting harder to make an individual voice heard. Here are some key takeaways from James Percelay, Co-Founder of Thinkmodo (the Clio-winning and Webby-winning viral marketing agency), on how he creates big buzz:

... Continue Reading →

Communication Arts with Michelle Dougherty

Articles • March 08, 2017

Communication Arts with Michelle Dougherty

The director of the sequence, Michelle Dougherty of Los Angeles–based studio Imaginary Forces, brought her own relationship with the era to bear on the project. “My memories of the ’80s are pretty vivid,” she says. “The movies from the ’80s had an impact on me. … I thought this sequence shouldn’t feel like it was for an ’80s show, but rather, an ’80s... Continue Reading →

IF20in20 2010 - 2016

Articles • March 06, 2017

From 2010 to 2016 Imaginary Forces continued its creative stride and established itself as a powerhouse of innovative and provoking ideas. Movies, music and television would forever be changed by the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Spotify. Americans began spending more time on apps than on the world wide web. It was an era that introduced us to self-driving cars and unfortunately, the selfie stick.... Continue Reading →

A Holiday Story - An IF & Vagthol's Tradition

Articles • December 24, 2016

A holiday story…

Everyday people get in their cars and commute to work, often seeing the same faces and places along their route. These fellow passengers, store owners, and pedestrians begin to feel like far off friends: familiar but at the same time unknown. Have you ever wondered about these people and their stories? What if one day you stopped your car to find out?

For 17 years Imaginary... Continue Reading →

IFLA 2016 Fall Interns

Articles • December 07, 2016

After the immersive weeks of creative hustle and bustle, the conclusion of our Internship Program is upon us once more. Saying goodbye doesn't get any easier with practice. Here’s what our design interns Joshua Lee, David Orwasky, Aaron Smith, and copywriting intern, Stefanie Mandel, had to say about their experiences at our Los Angeles Studio.

Where did you (or do you) go to school?
Josh: Art Center College... Continue Reading →

IFNY 2016 Fall Interns

Articles • December 07, 2016

Another season has come and gone, we find ourselves saying farewell to another group of incredibly talented interns. Here’s what our design interns Muzi Li, Amy Wallace, and John Hughes & Production Intern Andrew Hague had to say about their experiences.

Where did you (or do you) go to school?
Muzi: I had my bachelor degree in Communication University of China. Now I am in Savannah College of Art and Design... Continue Reading →

5 Tips from Creative Director Alan Williams on How to Pitch a Winning Concept

Articles • November 17, 2016

Creative Director Alan Williams attended and presented at this year’s FITC Styleframes NYC. This conference is a unique opportunity for industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies to discuss the process and nuances of the art of pitching. It’s a great blend of creative and logistic perspectives.

There are a myriad of opinions on how to successfully pitch your... Continue Reading →

Meet our NY Summer Intern Team!

Articles • September 02, 2016

Get to know our New York Interns! Here is what Isaac Taracks , Kasey Regan and Luke Alexander had to say about their experience working at IFNY this summer.

Where did you (or do you) go to school?
Isaac Taracks: I am going to school at Kendall College of Art and Design and majoring in digital media, focused on 3d animation for commercial use.
Kasey Regan: Ringling College of Art and Design.
Luke... Continue Reading →

Meet our LA Summer Intern Team!!

Articles • August 26, 2016

Get to know our LA Interns! Here is what Alejandro Robledo, Daveion Thompson, Grace Kang, Lexi Gunvaldson, and Valentino Vilches had to say about their experience working at IFLA this summer.

Where did you (or do you) go to school?
Alejandro Robledo: Mica maryland college of art
Daveion Thompson: I am currently attending Otis College of Art and Design. I will be... Continue Reading →

Stranger Things Main Title Typography Spotlight

Articles • August 12, 2016

'As for Stranger Things: While Benguiat says he has yet to watch the show, he likes how his typeface was used in the credits. "They paired it with Avant Garde, which was designed by my old ITC partner, Herb Lubalin," he notes. "Herb named Benguiat after me, so it's like old times. We're back in the driver's seat together again!"'- Fast Company... Continue Reading →

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