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L Studio – The Desk
Client: Intelligent Life Productions / Lexus
Agency: Team One
Director: Mark Gardner
Project Info:

In collaboration with Intelligent Life Productions, Team One, and Lexus, we bring you Lines, a web series on the new online network Lines consists of mini-documentaries, running five to seven minutes in length, highlighting the beauty and importance of the architecture in everyday objects, and details how the design and structure of these objects affect and reflect our lifestyles. These objects range from parking structures to high heel shoes.

In this first episode "The Desk," we talked to experts Alice Twemlow, Eric Abrahamson, Massimo Vignelli, David Miller, Kurt Andersen, Søren Kjær, Alfred Stadler, Jennifer Lai, and Ben Bajorek and creates an historical and relevant film about the relationship between the worker and the desk and how this reflects on personality and habits.